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اطلاق أيام الابتكار - خطاب المحامي راني صادر

Lebanon - 23/04/2020

Nurturing a culture of inventiveness for a span of over 150 years

Since its foundation, #SADER1863 has thrived on a fundamental pillar, constant innovation. Throughout 5 consecutive generations and a lot of passion, we have built a number of different businesses in the legal field. Most of such endeavors have proven to be highly profitable and went beyond the “10 years lifespan - to over a century- hard work process for success” test. Others are following the same path and many perished in the process of growth and experimentation. Such track could not have happened without our Culture of Innovation, which has constantly evolved: we are simply committed to continue as a Team to be innovative pioneers in the legal field in the Middle East. 

We are passionate connoisseurs of our business and, through our tireless motivation and long term vision, we have foreseen the potential of moving life online in 1999 and never stopped a minute putting a lot of effort to prepare ourselves and do the transition: we are proud to have been able to transform an extremely old and traditional local publishing house into a very modern multiple faceted LegalTech, information and services based company.

We are believers in relentlessly investing in new ideas to cope with the rapid evolution that we are witnessing in the legal industry globally on several fronts. Our experience taught us that any idea will start small and will need a minimum of 7 years to reach maturity, so what we are creating today is nothing but our future, which very soon will be our past and thus become part of our legacy.  

We are also aware that our fans and followers are in a constant change: we are witnessing each and every year a fresh flux of newcomers to the legal industry with a lot of aspirations and dreams. It is such new generation that we will always aspire to serve, so we meet and surpass their expectations. We have an obligation as leaders in our industry to inspire our youth, our next generations.

We are prepared to fail during this process: we have failed many times in our history, and we will certainly have some failures in the future. We know that there can be no improvements or growth without failure, and this is also a price we are willing to pay while constantly striving to innovate and inspire.

We have also witnessed many crises and survived them. Such experiences, as throughout generations, did not but make us stronger and more stubborn towards to achieve our goals, provide service to our community and defend the core values we believe in. Based on our lengthy experience, we have learned that any crisis, like us humans, is limited in time. It is an obstacle and obstacles, if faced creatively, drive innovation and create opportunities as well.

We have always sought the empowerment of other’s creativity and have continuously supported their endeavors, as much as possible. We believe in our alliances and partnerships and will always try to broaden our circle of trust while innovating.     

Through our constant process and strategy of innovation, which has not always been driven by the unique objective of generating profit, we will always strive to help our team, partners, clients and followers to reach their full potential by directing our efforts to simplify matters for them. We are so excited to build something of value to our arab society and albeit knowing full well, that trying to predict what such a distinguished legal community needs, before it realizes such need, is not an easy task.  

To bring life to our thoughts, we will need a lot of work, persistence, and luck, but above all, we will need your support and trust. This trust will further our motivation to go beyond the good, into the great. As part of a heritage, we cannot but accept this mission that is bigger than our current selves. We want to continue forging our story throughout the times: the story of creativity mixed with ambition, good will and hard work that went farther than crises, for a better future.

That being said and as mere advocates of the power of intellectual property and its importance, and for all that we have mentioned above, SADER will never stop creating and innovating. For that, we will be concentrating on Innovation and glad to be the first in the world to set our “Innovation Days”, each year, from 23 April – World Book and Copyright day- until April 26 – World Intellectual Property day. 

What I know is that I promise you that I will personally never miss an opportunity with my colleagues to work hard to maintain such a culture of inventiveness to serve the arab legal community throughout SADER and at all levels, because we believe that innovating in the legal field is part of our Corporate DNA and Culture, and what I know for sure is that our future will hold much more innovation than our past, and today is only the beginning.

Keep trying, Keep innovating

Rany J. Sader

Attorney at law

Chief Legal Innovator